Tips On Buying A Used Outboard Motor

In this video, Eric gives some tips for buying a used outboard motor. If you're looking to buy a used outboard motor, you should find this helpful.

Are Gamefisher Outboards Any Good?

Gamefisher outboards were made by Eska and Force in the late 70s. Sears Roebucks marketed a line of small horsepower outboards under the Gamefisher brand.

So, are these outboards worth it?

 As time passes, hard core parts of these outboards are becoming more and more difficult to find. There are many problems related to the outboard's hard core parts; here are more details:

The Motor

The motor often doesn't start right away. Even after starting, it remains idle -  sometimes changing the choke position helps, but not always.

The motor often cannot run at high speed. If forced, it will run for a few minutes and then stop altogether. At low speed it runs nicely but roughly. Sometimes the engine fluctuates between rough and smooth at any speed.

The Gamefisher motor cannot be locked at an elevated position, which is a problem. The prop can't be raised above the water, and it has to be dragged so that the speed and performance is lost.

The Tiller

The tiller is mounted beneath the air cleaner assembly. It cannot be raised past the air cleaner, since it blocks the free movement of the tiller. The air cleaner assembly is a weak point of the outboard.

The Impeller

The impeller is small and of weak design. The stream from the water discharge is very weak.

Other Notes

Another problem lies with the spark. In some gamefisher models, either there is no spark or a weak spark. In some cases it is also observed that the engine becomes hot even after just ten minutes of running.

There are additional problems like excessive vibrating of the outboard engine and the sudden collapsing of the engine.

It is a waste of money and time to solve these problems. There is always the problem of changing the hard core parts, not to mention finding them.

So, in my opinion, Gamefisher outboards are no longer worth it. The are generally more trouble than they're worth. Although, I would encourage you to do your own research and come to your own decision. This is a great place to get Gamefisher outboards.

Building A Boat Out Of Plywood

Here's a great video tutorial on how to build a boat out of plywood.

The video creator built the 15 ft x 4.5 meter dinghy in the Philippines in early 2010.

Check it out:

How To Paint A Boat Trailer The Right Way

If you own a boat (canoe, kayak, or see building a wooden boat), then you might also have a boat trailer.

A boat trailer is a device for retrieving, launching, carrying or storing boats. It is always an important item for boat owners.

How To Paint A Boat Trailer 1

Often, the paint on boat trailers fades, making them appear rugged and old. It is essential to have your boat trailer painted periodically by a professional.

Before starting the painting process, ensure that you acquire the right painting equipment. Also, purchase high quality paint to achieve long-lasting results.

You can paint your boat trailer successfully using the below procedure:

Procedure For Painting A Boat Trailer

If your boat trailer has rust spots or the paint has peeled, then it is time to paint it and make it durable and appealing. The following steps reveal how to paint a boat trailer:


Remove the rims and tires from the boat trailer. You can cross-check the workability of the bearings to see whether they require greasing.

  • Cross-check the wiring and cover the brake lights. 
  • Get rid of dirt through wire brushing or pressure washing.
  • You can also use mildew retardant solution to clean the trailer.
  • Use a sandblast or paper to sand the boat trailer - it prepares the surface for fresh painting. Sandpaper also gets rid of oxidation.
  • Sand-blast every trailer part thoroughly. 
  • Wash the sand residue and let it dry.

Painting Process

It is recommended you use painting equipment such as an air compressor (1) and paint guns. In case you lack a professional paint gun, you can use a spray can.

  • Use a rust-resistant paint especially for the foundation and finish coating.
  • Put a thin layer of base coat, preferable white coat, at the base of the surface.
  • Sand the bottom evenly before adding color. 
  • Apply color and also sand lightly.
  • Repeat this procedure until the whole trailer is coated.

If you are spray painting, apply the paint consistently in large horizontal and sweeping strokes. Apply the paint on the whole trailer and let it dry completely.

Best Practices

Ensure that you paint your boat trailer during dry weather. Do not paint during rain. Ensure you allow yourself enough time to start and finish the painting process.

What paint type should you use? 

Painting a boat trailer is good practice, but it is more paramount to select the right paint. Some paints will cause frequent wear off, increasing the cost and time of consistent painting.

Focus on paints that adhere effectively to the surface of the trailer. 

Boat trailer paint often wears off. It is essential that you paint it to enhance its durability. If you need to paint your trailer, the above procedure will help achieve desired results.

Alternatively, you can allow a professional painter to follow the same steps and have your boat trailer painted. Ensure that you always use high quality paints to prevent frequent wear off.

It is paramount to read user manuals in paint containers to know how long a particular paint takes to dry. This will enable you plan your time properly.

I hope you found this post helpful. Good luck painting your boat trailer!

Make Your Own Dummy Boat For Boating

We all like boating. Those who never ride a boat or get on a boat always expect to ride at least once or get on one once in a lifetime.

It is a leisurely activity. And this activity varies person to person as per the use of it. They can use it for fishing, sports, travelling etc.

There several types of boat like:

  • canoes
  • kayaks
  • dinghies
  • small sailboats
  • daysailers
  • cruisers
  • fishing boats
  • water sports boats
  • and more

Boat building is a kind of engineering. Actually, it is the oldest sector of engineering.

Boat is originally made of wood. But now you will see boat made of metal, fiber etc. Wood is used for making small boats. But metal is used for making big boat. Fiber is used to make boats comparatively bigger than a wooden made boat.

There are so many parts you will find in a boat like anchor angle, bitts, bow, cockpit, chain plate, center board, mast, parrot beak, synthetic rope etc.

Some people wish to build their own boat. But they don’t know how to build a boat.

You cannot build bigger boat for you it is not easy for you. But you can do boat building for dummies. If you want to build a boat you need to follow the below steps:

1. Design

At first you have to design a boat at you want to make. Otherwise you will be unable to make the boat properly.

You have to decide the length, width and depth of the boat. Otherwise these measurements you can’t make a boat properly.

2. Collect Resources

After completing the measurement now you need the necessary tools to do the task. So, now you need to collect the resources like- plywood nails and glue.

You also need to collect measuring and layout tools, hammer, drill machine, saw, benches and vice.

3. Cut

After arranging all the resources now you have to cut the plywood as per your measurement. Make sure that the cutting is precise.

After cutting the plywood now you have to make small holes around the edge of the plywood.

4. Stitch

After making hole in the plywood now you need to stitch the plywood temporarily through the small hole that you made. With this stitch the bot you are making will come into a shape. But still it’s not strong.

5. Joint

After stitching that joint is not strong to float the boat on the water. To make it strong now you have to join the plywood by using thick epoxy and fiberglass to make the joint strong. Now the boat is ready to float.

By following the above steps you can make a boat and go for boating.

Boating is every people’s dream. This is a small boat that you can carry by hand easily. It is also easy to keep in your store.

Small boats are not for sea. You have to use boat on river or lake. Boating is a wonderful leisure activity. Some people made it their life. They can’t stay far from boating.

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